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Company Background

Cinestock is a visionary project aiming to be the Shutterstock equivalent for film. Driven by the recognition that existing stock footage and images online were not easily accessible, often expensive, and lacked accurate representation of the Middle East, North Africa, and the Indian subcontinent, the company envisioned a localized platform. Cinestock sought to empower local photographers and content creators to upload their work, creating a diverse and accessible library of stock videos for users.

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The Challenge:

The primary challenge lay in the intricacies of video processing. This encompassed handling high-detail, large video files directly from cameras, transcoding and encoding these files into accessible formats for previews, watermarking to protect against unauthorized use, and facilitating multi-format downloads. Building a robust microservices-based backend architecture was imperative, requiring powerful servers for video processing and a responsive web server for the user interface.

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How we approached this project

Our approach involved designing a robust backend architecture, prioritizing powerful servers for video encoding and transcoding tasks. Microservices were strategically implemented to efficiently handle the complex processes associated with video processing.

We developed a user-friendly web application comprising both a portal for end-users to browse and download footage, including watermarked samples, and a contributor portal. Content creators could sign up, undergo approval based on the quality of their work, upload videos, and manage payment details, allowing for seamless contributions to the platform.

Implementing a secure and efficient payment mechanism was crucial. We built a comprehensive system for payment collection, disbursement in the marketplace, and notifications. Contributors received alerts on video processing completion, purchases, and fund availability for withdrawal, ensuring transparency and timely communication.

What We Achieved:

Starting from scratch, the product was meticulously designed and developed into a responsive mobile web application. Cinestock is now live and deployed, with several beta contributors actively contributing to the platform. The success of the platform lies in its ability to democratize access to diverse and regionally relevant stock videos, overcoming the challenges associated with video processing and contributor management.

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