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Company Background

COLABS, a prominent player in Pakistan's co-working space landscape, embarked on a journey towards digital transformation and sought our expertise to revolutionize their entire workspace ecosystem. The vision was ambitious—to digitize membership management, attendance tracking, inventory procurement, and various facility bookings. The challenge lay in unifying their expansive network under a single source of truth, seamlessly integrating digital and physical access control, attendance systems, and more.

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The Challenge

Undertaking a pivotal role in Pakistan's co-working landscape, COLABS sought our expertise to orchestrate a comprehensive digital transformation. The intricate challenge revolved around optimizing user flows and implementing integrated solutions for seamless operations. The primary goal was to establish a robust system ensuring members' seamless access across diverse spaces. This complex process involved integrating both digital and physical elements, including access control, attendance tracking, and inventory management, necessitating a strategic and technologically innovative approach.

Goals of the Project:

  1. Develop a cohesive system to facilitate members' smooth access across different co-working spaces.
  2. Implement comprehensive integrations, bridging the digital and physical realms, such as access control, attendance tracking, and inventory management.
  3. Establish a unified source of truth for the entire co-working network, enabling efficient operations and user accessibility.
  4. Enable COLABS to scale its operations seamlessly across multiple cities, fostering growth and community development.
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How we approached this project

How We Approach This Project:

Embarking on a thorough one-month journey, our approach to the COLABS co-working space transformation was marked by a meticulous analysis that delved into every facet of the business and its diverse requirements. This comprehensive understanding laid the foundation for a strategic implementation plan that aimed to elevate COLABS's operational efficiency and member experience.

Nexo Spaces emerged as the beacon for our digital transformation strategy. Beyond configuring the platform, our adept team went the extra mile, weaving a user-friendly website into the fabric of COLABS's digital presence. To empower the COLABS team in customer and membership engagement, a tailored CRM system was meticulously crafted, offering a robust toolset for effective communication and relationship management.

Simultaneously, the integration of various hardware components was a pivotal aspect of our strategy. From access control systems to Wi-Fi, biometric scanners, barcode scanners, and card readers, each component was seamlessly integrated into the technological infrastructure. This intricate web of integrations formed the backbone of a system that effortlessly synchronized digital and physical elements, fostering a cohesive and streamlined operational environment.

In addition to the technological overhaul, our strategic vision extended to fostering a sense of community within the co-working spaces. We conceptualized and implemented a systematic approach for hosting networking and community events, injecting vibrancy and interaction into COLABS's workspaces. This holistic strategy aimed not only to digitize but also to enhance the overall experience within the co-working ecosystem.

Our commitment to client success surpassed mere technology implementation. Multiple training sessions were conducted, fostering a collaborative environment where the COLABS team seamlessly transitioned into the new platform. These sessions ensured that every team member was adeptly onboarded, smoothing out any challenges or defects in the system. Our approach transcended mere technological solutions; it encompassed a strategic partnership aimed at propelling COLABS toward sustained growth and success.

The result of our work

Our collaboration with COLABS has significantly reshaped the co-working landscape. Operating seamlessly across multiple cities, COLABS stands as a testament to the success of our digital solutions. Serving as a dynamic hub for collaborative endeavors, it has hosted numerous events, fostering community engagement and reinforcing its leadership in the co-working sphere. This transformative journey exemplifies the enduring impact of our strategic interventions, marking COLABS as a prominent player in the evolving landscape of collaborative work environments.

This is what we achieved for COLABS

COLABS, a leading co-working space network in Pakistan, turned to us for a transformative digitization journey, membership management, and operational efficiency. Tasked with creating a unified source of truth, we seamlessly integrated digital and physical elements for holistic co-working space management.

This Is What We Achieved:

  1. Operational Efficiency: Optimized operations for 2500+ members and 200 companies, managing an extensive 150,000 sq. ft. of real estate.
  2. CRM Excellence: Empowered COLABS with a tailored CRM system for effective customer and membership engagement.
  3. Hardware Integration: Seamlessly integrated access control, Wi-Fi, biometric scanners, barcode scanners, and card readers.
  4. Community Building: Facilitated over 500 events, fostering a vibrant co-working community and expanding COLABS to three cities.
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