Sowing the Seeds of Change: A Revolution in Reforestation

Harnessing Technology to Rebuild Pakistan's Forests


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Company Background

In response to Pakistan's alarming deforestation crisis, DeliverTree emerged as a nonprofit initiative dedicated to reforesting the nation and promoting sustainable forestry practices. With a staggering 75% reduction in tree cover over the past decade, DeliverTree aimed to reverse this trend through a unique public-private partnership. Serving as the official partner for the Lahore Forest, Lahore Ring Road Authority, and Punjab government forestry departments, the platform sought to leverage donations and volunteer efforts to plant trees on official lands.

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The Challenge

Embarking on a mission to counter Pakistan's alarming deforestation rates, DeliverTree faced the intricate task of seamlessly coordinating collaboration among diverse stakeholders, including government authorities, DeliverTree administrators, and on-ground volunteers. These volunteers played a crucial role in monitoring tree growth, ensuring proper maintenance, and preventing unauthorized cutting. The primary objective was to craft a comprehensive web application capable of tracking tree-planting progress, streamlining public donations, and empowering volunteers for active participation in reforestation initiatives. The challenge demanded strategic orchestration to harmonize the efforts of various contributors towards the shared goal of rebuilding Pakistan's diminishing forest cover.

Goals of the Project:

  • Develop a robust web application to meticulously track the progress of tree-planting initiatives, fostering transparency and accountability.
  • Facilitate public donations through an intuitive and user-friendly platform, promoting widespread community engagement in reforestation efforts.
  • Empower on-ground volunteers with a mobile application, enabling them to monitor tree health, report maintenance activities, and contribute to the overall success of the reforestation initiative.
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How we approached this project

Navigating the intricacies of the DeliverTree initiative demanded a strategic approach tailored to its multifaceted nature. Our solution involved the development of three distinct portals on both web and mobile platforms, strategically designed to cater to the diverse needs of the project.

For the public, we crafted user-friendly interfaces within the portals, providing seamless avenues for adopting trees, contributing funds to support tree planting, and discovering nearby plantation drives. These portals were not just functional but aimed to create an engaging and accessible experience for individuals passionate about reforestation.

On the administrative front, our team designed a robust dashboard tailored for DeliverTree administrators. This centralized hub facilitated a comprehensive review of public plantation requests, empowering DeliverTree to sponsor official government initiatives. Furthermore, our platform integrated marketing capabilities, amplifying the visibility of these initiatives and enhancing their impact.

The third dimension of our solution was a purpose-built mobile application. This application played a pivotal role for on-ground inspection and maintenance teams. It streamlined the process of uploading proof of tree care activities, ensuring meticulous monitoring of the health and growth of the planted trees. This mobile solution not only facilitated efficient data management but also empowered the inspection teams to contribute actively to the success of the reforestation effort.

In essence, our approach was centered on creating a symbiotic ecosystem, connecting the public, administrators, and on-ground teams through intuitive and specialized portals. This strategic triad aimed to not only streamline the processes but also to create a user-centric and impactful experience within the DeliverTree initiative.

The result of our work

Since the platform's inception, DeliverTree has made a significant impact by planting over half a million trees within the province of Punjab. Authorized by the government, the initiative continues to strive towards its ambitious goal of reaching 15 million trees by 2024. The platform not only fosters environmental sustainability but also encourages active citizen participation in reforestation efforts, contributing to a healthier future for Pakistan.

This is what we achieved for DeliverTree:

By combining technology, public participation, and governmental support, DeliverTree stands as a beacon of hope in the journey to restore Pakistan's green cover and build a sustainable future.

  1. Successful collaboration with government authorities and on-ground volunteers.
  2. Implementation of three interactive platforms for public, administrative, and maintenance teams.
  3. Planting over 505,000 trees with a target of 15 million trees by 2024.

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